Soy for the “sake” of it

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Click here to view the small videoChicken breasts, simmered in soy and sake (thats “sak-eh”, i.e. rice wine). It’s a fast, flavoursome and DEAD SIMPLE dish we found in Donna Hay Modern Classics.

Now some people say a lot of Donna’s stuff is style over substance and her exquisitely photographed books are just an excuse for “food porn” (who says it? Okay, wesays it!). But this recipe is a gem. Just a handful of ingredients and none of them terribly esoteric (c’mon, star anise and sake aren’t THAT hard to find!).

We toss this one together whenever we need a standby. Our industrial-sized bottle of soy sauce means we’re never short of the key ingredient, and it’s also a good excuse to keep a bottle of sake on hand. But then of course you need the proper sake bottle and cups. Twenty bucks or so should get you a cute little set.

Oh yeah — Lenny’s advice about how to cook rice. It does work. “One quantity of rice, one and a half of liquid,” … watch the video for the rest of her mantra.

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4 Responses to “Soy for the “sake” of it”

  • Hey you two,
    So pleased to see you’re alive and well and at your enterprising best!!!
    And a little Wazlen on the way,
    Good you you.

  • I love your podcast with itunes. I notice you have alot more recipes on your website. Is it possible to download all of your cooking shows onto my ipod. I recently made your spaghetti for labor day and my family loved it. I am going to try out your banoffee next. Oh and by the way Lynn, I love when you say Oh, it reminds me that I am watching a cooking show in the UK. I am in the United States. keep up the great work guys.

  • I love your show. I recently made the spaghetti for my family for labor day and they loved it. I think it was the tomatos. I am going to try the banoffee next.

    Is there a way to down load the recipes that are on your website on to my ipod? I have the ones from itunes but you have some fabulous ones on your website.

  • Regina,

    You could try downloading the older episodes and then dragging and dropping them into the open iTunes window … some of the older ones are not in a format that is directly iPod compatible, but recent versions of iTunes will sometimes convert them, though it might take a little while. I’m not sure where these converted vids would crop up on your iPod; maybe not in podcasts, for example, but perhaps in your video directory. Try it and let me know the results!

    Good luck,

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