A crow-eater gives us curry

Click here to view the videoThere is a fair-sized community of expatriate Australians here in Edmonton. We Aussies seem to find our way to every corner of the world, no matter how cold and forbidding the place can be.

We met Shaun through the local Down Under Club and quickly became good mates. He’s a South Australian and we’re Queenslanders, so it’s been interesting to spend time together, picking up on the little differences in language and culture. Things you probably wouldn’t notice if you’d met back in Australia.

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When our other SA mates Adam and Katrina get talking with Shaun, I sometimes get lost trying to follow the conversation. No problems for them following me and my slow Sunshine State drawl.

Anyway: Shaun’s on his way to Korea soon to catch up with his lady, who departed Edmonton ahead of him a while back. We had Shaun round for dinner soon after we met and he’d been promising to return the favour before leaving by making us a Thai green chicken curry. And he insisted that we bring the video camera.

So let’s call this the second in our Crash Test Kitchen “Expedition Series” (souffle parts one and two comprising the first of our outings to other people’s kitchens).

To explain the title of this post: “crow-eater” is Aussie slang for “South Australian”. I have no idea why. To “give someone curry” is to give them a hard time. Here’s some more Aussie slang for your edjamication.

– Waz.

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6 Responses to “A crow-eater gives us curry”

  • if you think you pay it out the backdoor with thai green curry, try eating shrimp masala

    im still paying for it 2 days later

  • Will not make jokes about backdoor payments… green curry looks delicious, I probably would have tried basmati rice anyway. One request tough, grab the glasses by their foot. It is there to keep your hand from warming the grape juice ;-).

  • Great vlog, guys! I have to do a cooking episode on my vlog today, and you are an inspiration!

    PS: Sometimes you want to warm the wine with your hand to bring out the more complex flavors, as with deep reds. And don’t grab it by the foot, but by the stem, which is safer.

  • Sorry guys that is not how you make a Thai green curry.

    Just mixing up jars and tins and boiling it for 30 minutes is not really cooking.

  • Aaah, c’mon! We were just having a bit of fun with one of our mates. And hey, the curry wasn’t too bad anyway. Anyone who’s “having a go” in the kitchen is OK with us.

    Check out some of the other episodes for “from-scratch” cooking.

    – Waz and Lenny.

  • lol i loved this one! *applause* Tom whats-your-name, you’re stupid. Anything that you have to put together and watch so it doesn’t burn IS cooking. even…. *gasp*…. the microwave… :)
    love you guys, love the podcast, you guys are hilarious!

    ps: One vote for broccoli said broccol-E :)

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