Banoffi or Banoffee? Vol. 2

If you’ve watched the last episode (this one includes a quick recap) you’ll know that we made banoffee (banoffi) pie after much pleading from our gastro-pal Chef Michelle and her hubby Phil.

Most of the work was done at our place, then we transported the components , including the fragile shortcrust base, across London to Michelle and Phil’s for completion and gustation.

Go to the recipe for banoffee pie

The crust made it intact and the results were pretty good all round, making allowances for a little over-zealous whipping of the cream by Lenny.

Michelle laid on a delicious lamb roast – the girl can cook! Check the video for Phil’s carving style – a revelation to me. Through her culinary contacts Mich also rustled up some special cheeses with that soft-and-smelly exclusivity of a pricey restaurant platter.

Beer buff Phil, meanwhile, rolled out a selection of England’s finest ales.

Pleased to report that Michelle’s expert comments on the finished pie were appreciative, although maybe it was the drink talking. Phil also wolfed it down eagerly, but I think that’s just the way he eats.

A few words about upcoming episodes. We’ll be making beef stock starting with just bones and vegetables, and turning it into an absolute classic: French onion soup. Yum!

– Waz

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10 Responses to “Banoffi or Banoffee? Vol. 2”

  • I just stumbled across this website–it’s fantastic! I tried the banoffi pie and it sure is yummy. Thanks!

  • Hi guys! I really enjoyed this episode – they just get better and better!

    I like Waz’s style, where he makes a few funny quips like…
    “not going to roller skate on it” and “cream pie in the face moments”.

    The pie really does look yummy and well worth the effort!!!

    Cheers and thanks…Pam

  • I could imagine that the pie is a little bit too sweet. But it sounds really tasty.
    Perhaps I’ll try it.

  • Lenny, my mum used to slice the banana’s (rings) and arrange on top of the pie. Doesn’t squash the caramel as much. I’m not sure where the original recipe came from but my mum has been making it since the early 1950’s. Luv your work

  • Brilliant! It doesn’t sound half as good as it actually is.

    I would have to argue that it isn’t toffee, but caramel or maybe dulche de leche, but that doesn’t change anything about how easy this is to make, or how tasty it is.

    The coffee grounds on top make the whole dish, so don’t skimp, in my opinion.

    Keep the great recipes coming; thanks Waz and Lenny.

  • Hey guys. Cool new cartoon of the two of you. Amazing likeness! Downunder Club is still going strong…..

  • Greetings from Texas.

    Love the videos! I will be subscribing to the podcasts. I will be donating.

    I was a little freaked out about the heating of the cans and the chance that they might explode. But in the end, I do have 3 cans of toffee ready to be made into pies.

    I will begin the pie making tomorrow night whereas I will take one to my ex-wife and another to work. I never had the pie before so I hope all goes well.

  • Greetings again!

    Well, I have just put the pie together.

    For the crust, I used crushed digestive biscuits mixed with melted butter and refrigerated.

    My pie tins are much smaller and thus I only had to use one tin of toffee and 3 bananas. By the way, even after a day of cooldown, the toffee was easy to scoop out and smoothed out with a rubber spatula. I was more worried about it being even then totally smooth. Again, we ain’t trying to rollerskate on it :)

    In the video, you made the whipping of the cream so freaking easy. I was a bit lazy and broke out my handmixer and whipped that puppy with a dessertspoon (about 4/5 of a tbsp) of caster’s sugar and 1/2 tsp of instant coffee and tried to achieved very soft peaks. Everything thus far is a first time for me: toffee, pie crust and the whipping. If I remember anything from the all the cooking shows I watch is that it is very easy to go straight past soft peaks into stiff peaks.

    My crust wasn’t as pretty but quite effective. Since I am carrying this pie to have all the suckers… err, I mean… co-workers at my job try it out and give me feedback. If I need to, I will tweak the recipe, send one pie with my future roommate to her mom and dad and I will take another one to my ex-wife’s Thanksgiving meal.

    As soon as I can get pictures, I will.


  • The tasters:
    Co-workers; Future roommate and her parents at their Thanksgiving dinner and my ex-wife.

    The results:

    Co-workers: left one slice leftover

    Roommate: called me as they were eating the pie. Her mom said, “This is the only way I will eat bananas.”

    Ex-wife and friends: Empty pie plate. There were only 3 of them (all women) and I had one slice.

    Needless to say, it might be a success.

  • My sister introduced me to the pie. Although she called it Banafaly, it was great. The recipe is a little different, no coffee. She made it one Easter,and made a trip to the store with my niece to get ingredients. She had the timer set as she had been instructed to boil the can of milk for 1.5 hours, then turn it over and boil for another 1.5 hours. Unfortunately, she boiled canned milk and not condensed milk! They went back to the store, boiled the condensed milk, and made the pie. It was super!

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