Beating the breast

Click here to view the videoOur fondest memory of this dish is when we made it for our good friend Georgie’s “birthday week” party a couple of years ago. Much wine was drunk and much delicious, tender chicken saltimbocca was eaten.

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The chicken breasts are sliced in half (horizontally – ah, maybe you’d better watch the vid) and pummelled mercilessly, rendering them more tender than an ardent lover’s first kiss. (Too much attempted poeticism, Waz?)

The prosciutto adds another dimension of mildly salty crispiness to the chicken.

It’s the sage, though, that really makes this dish one for the family recipe file. Once lightly fried in a little olive oil it transforms from a not-so-culinary herb into a tart and snazzy flavour burst that crisps and crackles deliciously.

Chicken saltimbocca need only be accompanied by some vegetables prepared to your liking. And to drink alongside? The wine that forms the basis of the saltimbocca sauce, of course.

– Lenny

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7 Responses to “Beating the breast”

  • You guys crack me up!

  • very well done.
    i actually sat through the whole thing..and I hate cooking.

  • Big Fun!! Thanks.

  • mate i love it.
    and just a little request, can you put more burnouts on there. u know like you watch a bit of cooking, (very informative and easy to watch by the way) and then like you see a burnout. goodstuff.
    im trying to get my girlfreind to do it, naked but. or even naked butt. either one will do.
    keep up the good work.

  • hi lenny and waz.
    the saltimbocca looked delish.
    since this aired a year ago…hopefully you’ve learned this by now..but pancetta and prosciutto are pretty different. prosciutto or parma ham is a dry-cured ham….and as lenny pointed out…packaged proscuitto sucks! its usually tasteless and stiff and cut too thick. pancetta is more of a thick cut bacon cured with spices…salt pepper…etc. and you usually use it diced in place of bacon in italian dishes.

    anyway! you inspired me to make this dish …though must admit, as an italian i’ll probably eat it with some yummy broccoli rabe.

  • This was a long time ago, and I’ve seen this episode a couple of times, but only now did I notice you pulled out a tape measure. Either goes to show that Crash Test Kitchen provides long-term enjoyment, or that I’m not very observant. Let’s go with the first one.

  • Hilarious. And looks delicious, I am eager to try it.

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