Boy meets blueberry

Click here to view the videoWell, we’ve moved out of our apartment, left Edmonton, and now we’re “homeowners”. That “home” being Gus the Bus, our mobile Crash Test Kitchen, which we’re driving across Canada on the trip of a lifetime.

We had to move out of the flat a week before we left town (we decided to stay for the Edmonton Folk Festival) and our friends Ian, Jen and their little boy Noah kindly put us up in their basement. So as a thank-you I made them my famous crepes, and Lenny whipped up a delicious blueberry sauce.

Click here to VIEW THE VIDEO

Len came up with a simple recipe on the spot, and you only have to watch Noah in the video to see how much he enjoyed it!

The crepes are the same ones I made in the “Great Crepe Debate” episode, just a bigger batch.

As we motor right across Canada we’ll be posting video whenever we can, so make sure to keep watching. We’ll be making the most of local ingredients and influences as we whip up travel cuisine in what we’re calling our “Crash Test Kitchen On Safari” series.

It should be a lot of fun.

– Waz.

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