Brocolli soup with left-handedness

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A few weeks ago, on a (typically) miserable London winter’s day, I was at home by myself and at a loss for what to have for lunch. The pantry (or store cupboard as the English call it) was pretty much bare and all I had in the fridge was a limp bit of broccoli, the dag end of some parmesan and a few dregs of cream which weren’t quite off.

I boiled up the broc in a bit of water to which I’d added some liquid stock, blitzed it in the blender and added salt, pepper, parmesan and cream for what was a surprisingly delicious repast. I couldn’t believe my luck – I’d stumbled upon the recipe for a yummy, warming lunch from a few ingredients that you might just have in your fridge.

When I made it again for Waz in this episode he wasn’t quite as stunned as I’d hoped at the deliciousness of my creation, but he admitted it was pretty good for something whipped up in a few minutes.

One of his main criticisms was the texture which was, admittedly, a bit grainy. That’s because we used a blender instead of a liquidiser, so if you have a liquidiser I’d try using that.

You could probably jazz this up with different cheeses like Roquefort or Stilton, or maybe a farmhouse cheddar.

And the fresher the broccoli, the better, but it is a good way to get rid of the limp old veg that you (like me) can’t bear to throw in the bin.

– Lenny
PS Watch the video to see where the left-handedness bit comes in

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26 Responses to “Brocolli soup with left-handedness”

  • that was a lot of fun to watch. keep up the good work

  • This was my first video of yours that I’ve seen, and I really liked it! I’m downloading the rest of the videos up on itunes right now.

    Now… I have a fun tip! I hated peeling potatoes too, but then I saw this video of a practically instant way to remove the whole skin all at once. It’s fun and it only took me 2 tries to perfect the technique.

  • I love your show and always watch it on my ipod, however i was pretty stumped by your pronunciation of broccoli, it is properly pronounced broccoli as in wee! not broccoli as in eye. if you don’t believe me click on the soundbyte on this page

    or maybe this is some sort of private joke? 😉

    P.S I saw you guys in the audience of Kill It, Cook It, Eat It.

  • Hi Katie,

    Love that video, but it seems a lot of faffing … we’ll stick to the peeler, thanks.

    Laura, it’s brockle-eye where we come from. Basically, we’re right, the rest of the world is wrong.

    – Waz

  • Great episode! Thanks for that! I didn’t realize left- and right-handers peeled potatoes in different directions (toward vs. away from their bodies). I thought it was just the hand the peeler was held in. But it looks like there’s only one sharp side on your peeler. Was that what you were showing when you held it up to the camera? My peeler has two cutting edges (on both sides) and I assumed they’d all be like that in this day and age!

    Laura, the American (US) English pronunciation is what is given on your link (I see the source on the page is the American Heritage Dictionary). So that wouldn’t necessarily apply to English-speaking people from all other parts of the world.

  • holy crap. i can’t believe no one else has commented on how very annoying waz was in this episode. i like the man, but geez!

  • I’m loving all the recent videos you have done lately. You guys are spoiling us. 😉

    I didn’t realize about the peeler thing either. In response to the above website mentioned I could understand doing something like that if you were having to peel a lot of potatoes but for just one or two it seems doing it by hand would be just as quick. It was interesting though because I didn’t know something like that could work.


  • Astrogirl (I know your REAL name),

    You’re the bloody queen of contrarians, so that’s a bit rich!


  • i’m from ireland and here and on british tv it’s broccoli as in wee.

  • Hi! I loved the last two episodes and will be making the broccoli (ee) not (eye) soup tomorrow. It looked delicious. I’ve also made a carrot soup that’s similar to that and to make it low fat I cooked rice along with the carrots and remaining ingredients and blended it with the stick blender … most people who ate it thought that there was cream in the soup.

    Now, my favourite part of any of your videos is the bantering back and forth between the two of you. It makes me laugh and realize that it doesn’t only happen in my home. I’m not sure where you are in the UK but I’m going to London in the near future and wonder if you could recommend a specialty cooking store? Thanks again for show.

  • Hey Helen, let’s hear it for soups! We’ve got a stick blender now and the consensus seems to be that you’ll get a smoother result with one of these.

    As for a specialty cooking store in London, are you looking for cookware/kitchenware or ingredients?

  • Being a left handed peeler, I find that indeed, most peelers are made for right handed people! So unjust! I have a blender and find it works the best on soups that are meant to be creamy; no lumps, no graininess. My peeler and my blender are just like what mom has in her kitchen, and tried and true over time, work better than anything. Lastly, broccolee or brocoleye, no matter. I have nothing to say about accents; you’ve heard my french!

  • Mmmm. Brocolli (ee) soup looked wonderful. Been on a leek soup jag myself of late — not blended, tho’ have done such with leek & potato. One of the best bits was that parmesan. Impossible to have too much of it. I can imagine it would complement the brocolli perfectly.

    PS: I’m a knife peeler. None of those odd slotted things for me.

  • hazid going?
    great bickering, lovely episode!

    since i’m the king of soup (the puréed kind, at least) here are some helpfull hints:

    get one of those blender thingies you were talking about. there is a really good one called “zauberstab” (magic wand) from a swiss company. i’ve tried different ones, that zauberstab gimmick is by far the best.

    the only way to get rid of excess texture in your soup is to puré it through a sieve – in german this is called “passieren”, you tell me the english word. just blending it longer doesn’t really help. it helps a bit, but for fussy people like me, a sieve is the only way. depending on how smooth you want your soup to be, you can use one of those cone shaped sieves, you know, metal with holes in it, or for a really really really REALLY smooth result you should use a mesh sieve.

    anyhow – not having magic wand blender thingy you’d have to use a spoon to push the soup through the sieve, and that is no fun at all, let me tell you. so the trick is to use your stick shaped blender in your sieve. the movement the blender creates will push the soup through in quite a short time.

    you can make a soup like that out of almost anything, like cellery (spelling right?) leak and potato (it’s also called pottage parmentier) or lentils. my absolute favourite is doing it with green peas. it’s extremely yummy, but those pea skins are very tough and the soup sifting takes for ever, even with the blender.

    i love to garnish with puff pastry i cut out with pastry cutters and glaze with egg and sprinkle on some salt or whatever (paprika, black pepper, thyme) or with croutons. crème fraiche is really great in a soup like that also pumpkin seed oil, very yummy!

    pouring in some booze does wonders to such a soup. i usually start with caramelizing a chopped onion, some sage and pouring in some dry sherry or vermouth (i recommend neulliy prat) making a very quick reduction. the purèed stuff can be spiced up with white wine or more sherry or vermouth (caution with the vermouth). champagne goes surprisingly well with peas and whiskey or brandy goes very well with the cellery soup.

    with broccoli i’d try quite a rich white wine like gewürztraminer or something like that.

    i just love your recipes! can’t wait for the next episode!
    greetings from germany!

  • I tried it today, and it just tasted great!
    Your video convinced me to buy and even eat fresh brokoli although I don’t like it. But with the Parmesan and the cream, it was really really good!
    I just had mor texture in it, because I had to mash it with a bottle. But that doesn’t matter. I prefere biting on something 😉

  • Hi,
    I really like the tenacity of your videos. It’s a lot of fun to watch goes on in a kitchen on the other side of the world!
    Here is a link to my efforts:

  • This was so fun to watch! I love foodi vlogs. I found you on in Alberta, but your accents are confusing to me. Are you living in Canada still?

    I’m subscribing!

  • Hi Michael, we lived in Canada when we started Crash Test Kitchen. But now we live in the UK. And we’re Australian.

  • I don’t get how a blender is any different from a liquidiser, but I’m about to try blending soup with my liquidiser instead to see if it’s any better, because blending with the blender does seem to leave it a little grainy.

  • queen of contrarians. bah.

  • you must taste the portuguese soups.Your soup was disgusting.

  • I’m also slightly confused about the potato peeler. I’m right handed, but I peel my potatoes like left-handed Waz.

    Maybe it’s time for a new peeler?

    Also, I had an ex-boyfriend from Melbourne but I’m pretty sure he pronounced it “broccoleee” as opposed to “broccoleye.” Is the “eee” pronunciation for all Aussies or just a certain region?

    I’m a longtime fan–thanks for all the great videos!

  • you spell broccoli like this

  • Waz, your so mean and arrogant to Lenny in this video.
    But you are funny. But..

  • I was searching through Google doing research for a blog article, when I found this blog, and while not what I was exactly looking for I found it very informative and interesting. The recipe looks really nice and i will certainly try it in the future both with a blender an a liquidser to see the different results. Thanks Ann-Marie xx

  • I’m from America, and broccoli is spelled just like that, and is also pronounced (broccolee)I’m quite offended by you calling us who pronounce it the right way as “idiots

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