Canada Day Souffle, Part 2

Click here to view the videoTechnically, Canada Day, July 1, celebrates the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation called Canada. This all took place in 1868. These days, it’s mostly a day for fireworks, lots of drinking and another excuse for a big family gathering.

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It was great to spend Canada Day with the most Canadian of families out at the L’Hirondelle ancestral property in Sturgeon County. We even participated in a good-ol’ game of horseshoes, eh. I got a “ringer” and a “point” in one go, for a score of four points – very impressive for a first-time horseshoer. Unfortunately I and my teammate Scott were knocked out by veterans Terry and Sue. I was consoled, however, by the fact the “souffle” turned out a treat!

We ended up cooking it for two hours, in round figures, but that was putting it in cold (i.e. from the fridge) and into a cold oven. If you put the room-temp pud into a heated oven I reckon the 1hr 10mins would be perfect. It puffed up and browned gloriously, and though it was a little bit wobbly when we took it out, it firmed up when we let it sit out of the oven for 10 minutes. We sprinkled on some sliced fresh strawbs and chopped walnuts for a truly spectacular (and incredibly simple to make) dessert.

– Lenny.

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2 Responses to “Canada Day Souffle, Part 2”

  • Good on ya!
    Maybe I’ll make that for our Vloggercue coming up next weekend.

  • Hey Guys!!!
    Was finally able to watch the video, how awesome! The soufle was great and so are you guys! Tom and I will miss you immensely but at least via crash test kitchen we can see what you are up to! Hopefully travelling across the country will still give you time to try some new dishes!! Take Care guys, all the best!

    Your Canadian Friend,

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