Don’t come the raw prawn

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The supermarket was having a special on frozen jumbo prawns, de-veined and in a split shell. Standing there in the aisle, I had a vague recollection of a vermicelli noodle salad with a chili lime sauce.

We’d made it a few times, so I just grabbed the ingredients I could bring to mind, headed home and threw them at Lenny (who promptly threw them back at me).

This was actually the first cooking video we shot (you can tell by the amount of “Uhh, umm, aah” coming from my mouth – it seems Lenny is the natural presenter out of us two).

Slicing up the carrots into julienne-style strips is the hardest part of making the dish. If you can’t handle it, just don’t use carrots!

We love Vietnamese-style cuisine for its use of fresh, crisp ingredients and this meal is a prime example.

Have fun with it,

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