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Sometimes you just need comfort food. I had never pictured that packet of peas in the freezer as anything other than a quick way of padding out the numbers in a meat-and-three-veg meal, or a source of temporary relief for a wrenched ankle.

Recently, though, Canadian friends and Crash Test Kitchen devotees Shel and Christie visited from Edmonton, the place where CTK had its beginnings. We got nattering about food (as we do) and Christie revealed one of her quick and easy comfort cravings: peas and feta.


It doesn’t sound like it would set the world on fire, but seriously, it goes really well together. Lenny’s addition of crusty garlic toasts makes a meal of it.

You can have this on its own, or the peas and feta would be great tossed through pasta (especially home-made pasta) with the toasts on the side. Some olive oil – garlic-infused of course – could be drizzled over the toast for a bit of lubrication.

Speaking of lubrication, a glass of the right white wine – perhaps a semillon chardonnay blend – would sit well alongside? Ah, what do I know about wines except how to quaff them.

Lenny is insistent the feta must be good quality – not the stuff with herbs, spices, flavoured oil and all that rubbish.

I’ll leave it at that – we don’t want to pretend this meal is haute cuisine, but it shows how tossing together a couple of simple ingredients can produce a tasty tummy-filler. Thanks Christie!

– Waz

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13 Responses to “Easy peasy feta cheesy”

  • It’s hard to go wrong with good feta in anything! One of our favorites is
    feta and spinach omelettes. Or, then, there’s just having a nice block of
    feta, good crusty bread, nice spiced ripe olives and a good semi-dry wine
    to wash it down!

    Keep cooking, we’ll keep watching!

  • I love the philosophy of keeping it simple and delicous! I keep trying to remember that in my own cooking as sometimes I can get overzealous with my ingredients when cooking. More doesn’t necessarily make it better. –You guys are my fav v podcast! Cheers

  • Yay! I’m so glad you liked it! (Shell is skeptical about my best ideas too, by the way.) Lenny’s right about the feta–it has to be good and definitely not flavoured. My personal favourite is to use goat feta which is usually a bit more creamy. I’m glad you mentioned that this easy dish is eaten with a spoon–a key element of the “on the couch” meal that it is. :)

  • Hi there! Have been watching your episodes via the democracy player. Enjoy the shows so far. I look forward to seeing your skills improve over time…

  • Peas are a great comfort food. I love eating them with ricotta cheese, basil and orecchiette pasta – that pasta that looks like tiny little ears. It’s so cute how each little pasta cup holds one individual little pea!

  • cathy from chico, ca, usa

    I’ve tried this meal 4 times now and I LOVE it! Tonight I tried it with sheep’s milk feta and goat milk feta is definetely creamier and yummier. My fav podcast! Keep ’em coming.

  • Great idea…. I’ll use it soon… Thanks for the great cast!

  • I meant to drop back in to mention I’ve made this several times now. The flavors are a wonderful, comforting mix. Thanks again!

  • this is our first blog and love this recipe and the different comments. we can’t wait to buy some goat fetta and orechiette pasta…. bronnie of broome australia

  • It was really easy peasy recipe!
    I love it!

  • you guys are the ONLY podcast i’ve kept and keep on downloading. and this recipe is a staple, thanks! keep it up!

  • I love this dish! I make this when I come home from work really late at night – desperate for something warm but too tired to think. It came out a bit too dry a couple of times, so I added some butter (should get better feta!). Since that isn’t a very mediterranean ingredient it makes no sense at all but tastes very nice. White wine goes very well with it, I recommend some nice Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris/Grigio) or Silvaner or mperhaps some not too dry Riesling.

  • great recipe! will make it plain with cream cheese (Feta is hard to get in India)and spices (chilly, pepper, masala..)

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