Lobster and mussels, alive, alive-o

Click here to view the videoIf Prince Edward Island is famous for one thing, it just might be lobster suppers. These seafood feasts typically start with courses of chowder and mussels. Then the diner is presented with a whole lobster to devour. This instalment begins with us doing just that to two unfortunate specimens.

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Lenny loves mussels, so was inspired by the mussel course to attempt her own version of the dish for this episode. She adds a Thai twist with coconut milk, ginger and limes. But hang on, Jalapeno chilies? What the …? Well, authentic Thai-style ingredients aren’t always close at hand.

PEI may be a small island, but a big cultural experience. For one thing, the island is home to a section of Canada’s Acadian community. The Acadians were French-speaking early settlers who were persecuted and eventually deported under British rule. Many fled south to Louisiana, where the word “Acadian” became corrupted to “Cajun” and their presence gave rise to that famous, vibrant culture.

Acadians eventually returned to the Maritime provinces of Canada. Today they maintain their language and flag, and remain fiercely proud of their roots. We got the chance to visit the Acadian village of Abram for its annual agricultural fair and had plenty of fun gathering the footage that you’ll see as a montage in this episode – our triumphant fifth “Canadian Safari” instalment!

– Waz.

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  • Hello Warren and Warren’s lady friend Lenny (confession: I used to think Warren was gay, and that Len was a man. Noted and corrected!)

    But there is one other thing: how come you all aren’t totally fat?

  • If you are heading over to Nova Scotia, The Cabot Trail is an excellent drive. You MUST go to Meat Cove, which is the Northern tip of Nova Scotia. Excellent for camping and whale/seal watching. Peggy’s Cove is a must as well, as is Halifax. email me if you need directions. I also have a picture of Meat Cove, which was probably the highlight of our trip last summer, when we kayaked Cape Breton and Peggy’s Cove.


  • Great work – loved it. I plan to watch them all.

    My wife is Thai and chef, here is a little receipe for Moo Joob I got from her. It’s a dipping sauce great for mussles, lobster, fish, pork, corn chips, anything! Try it next time.

    – equal parts fresh lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar
    – a bunch a cilantro and green onions to taste finely chopped
    – as many Thai chilies as you dare!

    It’s simple, but absolute magic.

    Keep up the good work,
    Scott McDaniel

  • Have had a great time seeing you guys trek across Canada. Hope you liked it here! :)

  • Hi guys, enjoying the writing. I have a pc and my machine doesn’t do mov files… is this an apple mac thing? Any suggestions?

    BTW we are having a grandfinal do and cooking barramundi burgers.. maybe we should video it for you lol!

  • Guys this is terrific. A good video podcast. And the food looks tasty.

  • A fine program! Yours is the remedy for blase, ‘more information’ radio/tv.

    I look forward to more of your programs and whimsical approach to life.

  • Ernest from Riga(Latvia)

    Thank You for this interesting show. This was the first time in my life when I watch the podcast. I plan to tell to my friends about this.

  • If only the video camera could pick up the wonderful aroma of the steaming mussels, coconut milk, and peppers. Thanks and looking forward to your next adventure!

  • Addendum –

    I forgot to add Garlic to the Moo Joob sauce above!


    Hey Brendan and Sherry, all you need to do is go get Quicktime for the the PC free from Apple’s website.

  • Joel from Melbourne

    Thanks for this cool little video. Those lobsters
    look tasty (though people seemed to be consuming them
    in rather alarming numbers!) I could almost smell those
    yummy yummy mussels you cooked up. Crash Test Kitchen
    is THE coolest podcast of them all :)

  • Well just subscribed to your video podcast and this was the first episode i watched. Great stuff, not too long, nice and easy to follow and some interesting info in thrown in as well. I shall be trying the Thai mussel reciepe in the next few weeks.

    Oh and by the way as you say always throw out mussels that don’t open after steaming as these are the ones that give you a seriously upset tummy.

    Keep up the good work

  • I’m still catching up on episodes, but just wanted to say that I loved this recipe! Thanks!

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