Panettone pudding recipe – a twist on bread and butter pudding

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Our friend Anthony brought round one of those panettone things on Christmas Day. In the end not a lot of it got eaten – we had a decent spread lined up already, and the panettone was kind of a last-minute whim on Anthony’s part.

For those not familiar, panettone is a kind of domed bready cake, often containing dried fruit and other goodies. It’s usually risen with yeast as opposed to baking powder. Panettone is a centrepiece at Italian Christmas tables and seems to be becoming more popular in other countries.

So Christmas came and went, as did Boxing Day, New Year’s, and the thing was still sitting there in its box, with only a few slices taken off.

We decided a bread and butter pudding would be the way to go. Usually this is made with sliced and buttered white bread, raisins, brandy and the like, but using panettone slices gives you many of the ingredients in one hit.

It’s an easy pudding that is simple to adapt. In the recipe below, you could just substitute buttered white bread for the panettone, plus soak some raisins in brandy for a while and add them to the mix, along with maybe half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Maybe some orange zest too, or candied peel, if you like panettone-style flavours but don’t want to go rushing out to buy a whole one just to make a pudding.

Lenny mentions some other variations in the video – and remember, you don’t have to be too precise with the ingredients.

– Waz

Panettone bread pudding recipe

Slices of panettone, about 250g (9 oz) in total
Whole/full cream milk, about 500ml (17 fl oz)
Double cream, about 100ml
3 eggs
Rum, 1 tablespoon
White sugar, 2-3 tablespoons and more to put on top
Butter/margarine to grease baking dish

Preheat oven to 180C (350F).

Roughly chop the panettone slices into smaller pieces, being careful not to squash them too much. Layer the pieces into a greased 20cm (8in approx) pie dish or other suitable baking vessel.

Whisk together the eggs, milk, sugar and a dash of the rum. Then pour slowly over the bread, making sure to give it an even soaking. Sprinkle sugar evenly on top.

Place in the oven, middle shelf, for 30 minutes and then check. It shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes. It should have a slightly wobbly feel without being wet or soggy and be nicely browned on top.

Serve with good vanilla ice cream.

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  • So nice to have these frequent episodes after that long hiatus. Looks absolutely delicious! Glad to see you guys are still keeping on with this!

  • Bread & Butter pudding along with Sago pudding is one of those few School Dinners I could not get on with and have never eaten it then or since. Lots of people I know said yummy when it appears on the works canteen menu.

    This version I am going to try. It looks nice and simple but I think it was the slug of Rum which swung it. :-)


  • I just want to say how much i enjoy your podcasts! i’ve been watching from the very beginning back in ’05 along with my friend, and i just wanted to finally tell you guys how great your show is 😀 please do more videos like the old days! you must cook more than 4 times a year! haha great jobs guys

    from a dedicated fan!

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