Revealing our (chocolate) sauce

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It seems Lenny has a latent sweet tooth. In the past she was not really one for desserts, but more and more she’s turning out cakes and confections. This simple chocolate sauce based on just four ingredients has become one of her staples.

Our mate Chef Michelle gave us the recipe, handed down from her mum. You combine milk, sugar, cocoa and butter over heat, and whisk gently until it bubbles itself into a velvety and perilously rich topping. Tip it straight over ice cream and wolf down.


Crash Test Kitchen is all about improvisation, so we slapped together a cherry and brandy maceration to create what Michelle dubbed “black forest chocolate delight”. Actually, she came up with “black forest” bit and I embellished it.

Along the way Lenny and I learned the definition of “maceration”. We had thought the process simply involved sprinkling pieces of fruit with sugar and leaving them to go, well, pulpy. Strawberries being a familiar target.

Turns out, though, that true maceration (ah, go on, have a little snigger about what it sounds like) must involve a liquid element. So our splash of brandy not only gives a lift to our creation but keeps us on the right size of the culinarily pedantic.

We used cherries that were quite firm, but not unripe, and they were pleasantly “bitey”, if that’s a word (“crunchy” would be taking it too far) , even after their sousing in spirits and sugar. We don’t know what variety of cherry, but they were quite red, rather than the purplish-black kind we’re more familiar with in Australia. When macerated the flesh went nice and glossy.

This sauce is just one of the sweet sensations Lenny keeps up her sleeve. Stay tuned for a future episode featuring her version of my mum’s quick and simple tea cake.

– Waz

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12 Responses to “Revealing our (chocolate) sauce”

  • This looked delicious! I bought cherries yesterday so will be giving this a go some time this weekend! Greetings from Amsterdam. Nicole

  • Looks delicious! Will have to try next time I make a dessert :) Natalie, Montreal.

  • Hi – Came here through the Time magazine. Nice video blog. Being an Indian, I am pretty new to western cuisine.. and watching the preperation process is giving me a good insight.

    Just wanted to thank you guys and tell you that you guys are doing a great job.


  • love your show! watch it on the subway on the way to work in nyc…sometimes when the train shakes it spills some of the ingredients, but it still always tastes good at the end! :)

  • Hi Sasidhar, it’s great to see we have some Indian viewers. We absolutely love GOOD Indian food (emphasis on the “good”, as there’s plenty of average stuff available in London), and I hope to make Chilli Paneer (Chilli Indian Cheese) on a future episode – I hope we can do it justice.


  • I cooked up this simple chocolate sauce and it was wonderful! I made some mini-chocolate cakes and dripped the syrup over the top and my family loved it! Thanks for the easy recipe!


  • Hi Guys,

    Why don’t you have a go at making your own ice cream the old fashioned way using salt and ice.

    It could be a bit of fun?..

  • Wow, I wish I was such a good cook like you guys, I do have some recipes but I got 2 left hands to make them with.

  • Dear ‘to whom it may concern’:
    what do you do to remedy a chocolate sauce that has turned to sugar? What causes it to become ‘grainy’ in consistency? Can you add a bit of milk or perhaps more butter? Please HELP!
    sincerely, Eager to Know

  • add a little butter to it and heat it, slow flame, and keep stirring it gently, clockwise and anti clockwise, that should fix it.

  • heat hte milk before u put hte sugar in…it all brings up the entropy…:-)

  • Perfect…all I needed was a simple yummy recipe to make chocolate sauce without having to use chocolate itself….cheers guys! :)

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