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We started out with the best intentions: whip up a layered sponge cake to celebrate our friend Paul’s 30th birthday.

He’s back in Australia, we’re here in Canada, but we’d just eat it on his behalf we reckoned.

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Well, that was the plan. You see, it seems there must be a secret to making sponge cake – and we’re not in on it.

This was our second attempt, and I must say that our first was nearer success (maybe the first time it was because we used a recipe from trusty ol’ Day-T0-Day Cookery, as opposed to the one we found on the internet this time around).

We knew things weren’t looking good once we messed up the quantity of butter. Lack of the right equipment and a general failure to plan didn’t help either. Things just went downhill pretty much from the start …

Anyway, happy birthday Paul, and be thankful you are on the other side of the world to our cake!

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14 Responses to “Sponge blob square pan”

  • Hmmm!!! I’m not sure who had the best idea, Waz or Lenny.

    If the bin liner wasn’t clean, then I have to say Lenny had the best idea!!!

  • Hilarious video guys! Went down a treat at Paul’s party. Love the ending!

    Shame about the cake but it’s good to know even you chefing gurus stuff it up sometimes.

  • Get a life you jokers.

  • You guys are off yer bloody rockers! Had a damn good laugh tho’. By they way, anyone will tell you, when baking, ingredient amounts need to be spot on or all hell breaks loose!
    Cheers and keep up the fun – LUV IT!!

  • Bigfella (Shaun)

    Hahahah.. awesome stuff Waz, nothing like bagging the girlie for not following the instructions but then eating the bad results in a bad way anyway :)

    Love your work guys, keep it up :) I can make a mean thai chicken curry one day if you want the recipe.

  • I bow before the KING of comedy. The “What’s Waz Bin Eating” moment was truly “champagne” comedy. Send me your postal address and I’ll forward the full video from Paul’s birthday.


  • I am sorry that it didn’t work out, but I love that you still ended up making something tasted good! The ending was Hilarious. It reminded me of an episode of Seinfeld where George ate an eclaire out of the Garbage!

  • Hi Guys and Greetings from chilly Melbourne. No problems at all with the file, it opened in QuickTime straight away. My Grandma always said that measurements in sponges were one of the few things you COULD NOT (her emphasis) muck around with when cooking so perhaps that was indeed the problem. Anyway what happened to the trifle? I was convinced you would turn it into trifle! Alas no…

  • Who would have thought that sponge cake tasted like strawberries and whipped cream 😉

  • We are almost certain you guys used baking soda instead of baking powder. Could this be true? That would explain a few things…..

    Better luck next time!

  • After reading the article about you in TIME I couldn’t believe I missed this episode… I was laughing from the start and didn’t know why – until the end. Glad there was some salvaging – I would’ve been!

  • I love the way you cook together and Waz’s words of encouragement. If I cooked like that with my missus the shape of my face would be resembling the bottom of the frying pan by now!

    Will we get to see anyone else sampling the contents of the bin in future??

    Just made my 1st ever Bearnaise sauce and it worked!! – to go with a fillet tonight ( valentines!)

    Love the podcasts. Can’t get enough.

  • This was funny. You people are funny. Now, make me a sandwich!

  • Omg You guys are awesome i have to say, the funniest part of the podcasts are the arguments. You guys are hilarious. hope you make some more good episodes, not to say that all of your other episodes weren’t AWESOME.

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