The great crepe debate

Click here to VIEW THE VIDEORule number one of crepe making: there’s NO SHAME if the first one’s a failure. Rule number two: when the crepes hit the table, GET IN QUICK!

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For years, I’d made my “pancakes” according to a simple recipe: one cup of flour, one egg, one cup of milk. Lenny and my friends thought they were pretty good. But I suspected the results were a bit heavy, a bit tough. Not what you could really call crepes.

Then, while we were in the UK, I grabbed one of Delia Smith’s recipe books off a friend’s shelf. Or maybe I saw her cook crepes on her TV show. Anyway, dear old Delia turned my world upside down. My basic ratio went out the window, butter was added, and the result was a much lighter, much more delicate pancake than I had ever produced – something that could truly be called a crepe.

We love crepes with lemon and sugar. Simple as that. Lenny has also been known to make a fruit sauce of plums and oranges – a deliciously tangy accompaniment.

The key to great crepes is really the consistency of the mix. You want it just on the edge of going from runny to firm. Too runny and it will just burn in the pan. Too thick and you’ll get stodgy, tough non-crepes.

Here’s the basic recipe I’d suggest. We made a double quantity, but only added one extra egg instead of two. You’ll see in the video that it was quite a point of debate. It probably depends on the size of the eggs, but we managed to arrive at a “kitchen consensus” that too much egg will make the crepes tough.

  • 110gm flour
  • 200ml milk
  • 75ml water
  • 2 tbsp melted butter
  • 2 eggs, small to medium

Make sure to watch the video (9.8 MB) for the method.

– Waz.

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7 Responses to “The great crepe debate”

  • Crepes are made with buckwheat flour, pancakes are made with plain flour! (ie you have made pancakes)

  • Yes, a culinary purist might regard “real” French crepes as only being made from buckwheat flour. But overwhelmingly the recipes we’ve found for crepes use plain ol’ all-purpose flour. We’ve had the buckwheat ones too, cooked by a lovely French gal for us in her groovy apartment in Paris (the Eiffel district and everything!), and they were superb.

    Thanks for visiting.

  • You’re a cracker. You’re also right about the deluge of emails from random people. I’m strggling to keep up. I couldn’t miss the crepes video though! How do you get videos onto your blog. Typepad doesn’t seem to want to let me!


  • What a hoot! Listening to you debate about the eggs. Personally, I thought the crepes were tearing because you used three eggs instead of four but then again, what do *I* know? Looks like they turned out fine. Makes me want to make some.

    Great job gang!

  • Hello. I’m new to Crash Test Kitchen, so I’ve been catching up on episodes. I just wanted to add that I agree with Lenny. To double the recipe, you need to add FOUR eggs. Sorry Waz.

  • I like crepes a lot!

  • I’m in the USA. I can’t do Metric. Could you repeat the recipe in English.
    Sandy of New Orleans, LA

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