Tickety-Boo Tipsy Trifle (part 2)

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Preparing and gathering together the component parts of a trifle is only half the job – it is also necessary to give some thought to assembly.

Because even though trifle is ostensibly a slapdash co-mingling of separate (and according to Waz, perfectly edible separately) bits and bobs of sweetness, sharpness and creaminess, the presentation is all-important.

In fact, the appearance of trifle is probably the only thing I have liked about this traditional English pud in the past.

As I said in the first episode, trifle has for many years been at the bottom of my wished-for-dessert list. But this is mostly because every trifle I ever tried in my childhod had jelly in it – eeurrrrggghhhhckkkkk!

When it came to putting the trifle together, we thought a little bit about how we would assemble the little beastie so, when layered up in a clear dish (albeit one far less ritzy than Grandma’s cut-glass receptacle) you can see each of the components resting lazily against the side of the bowl.

A trifle is no Eton mess. It’s not a jumbled mixture of ingredients – it’s a conscientious layering of sponge, custard, fruit, cream, almonds with a pretty, bright, inviting layer of summer fruit on top.

Just leave the bloody jelly out.

– Lenny

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6 Responses to “Tickety-Boo Tipsy Trifle (part 2)”

  • Love your site and the work you do here. I do a round-up of food blogs (Food Blog Chatterbox) which I post every Friday–I’ll definitely give this whole trifle business a mention. Thanks for some great work!

  • honestly, you two make the perfect couple for cooking. You’re like Jack Frost and the Sun arguing about what happens to the water (FYI, I didn’t refer to anything in that.) and… what the heck? EVERY HOUSE LOOKS THE SAME IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!
    Your 14 year old friend from America
    Die Pretty Ponies

  • HaHaHa,

    the Food Network/ Comedy Network could use a reality show featuring you two cooking. Who said baking is an exact science.



  • Hi Lenny/Waz
    Well it has taken me a while to get round to watching this – namely because I didn’t realise my PC could play videos… Anyway I thought I would give it a go and have watched it all.
    The trifle was absolutely delicious and it didn’t last long in the fridge after the party… It somehow tasted even nicer the day after
    Thanks again!


  • You 2 are awesome! I found you yesterday (3/16) morning and watched all of your pods till tonight. I’m in So. California.
    I think you 2 are far more interesting than the food you prepare. If we lived close I think we would be great friends and would call for take out after the kitchen was destroyed. I can only imagine the conversation over a glass or 2 of wine. Can I visit you when I’m down there?
    I don’t know how to make anything and I don’t have anyone to bitch at me while I try.
    When I’m hungry I watch food videos while I eat a bowl of soup. The combination seems to satisfy. Mmmmm steak…… and trifle. IKEA is the bomb.

  • Trifle without jelly is sacreligious. I’m sure your dessert is fab and all but find another name for it. No jelly, no trifle, (even if jelly is just cows hooves and sugar water)

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