Perfect Steak … in Time for Christmas

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People of the Year! Yep, that’s us in Time magazine’s special issue, which awarded the Person of the Year title to “You”, meaning independent content creators like us who post video, audio, photos and what-not to the web.

It all started when Time contacted us a few weeks ago for an interview. They hinted that a photo might be needed, but when we left for our Christmas holidays in Australia and they had not been back in touch we assumed the photo call wasn’t going ahead. When we touched down in Brisbane we turned on our mobile phone and there was a frantic message from Time in Sydney saying “Where are you? We need a photo!” We arranged to meet the photographer, Paul Blackmore, on the Gold Coast and did one shoot in our friend Angie’s kitchen, and another around at her mum’s place.

But we STILL had no idea exactly what it was for until Angie saw a TV news item about it and we twigged. Sure enough, there we were on the Time web site and in the print edition (yes, we bought out all the copies we could find) with the title Person of the Year hovering above the story.

We even ended up on radio, interviewed on the ABC (the Australian national broadcaster) in the breakfast slot. There’s even this video report on a French network.

Anyway, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who watches Crash Test Kitchen – it’s your response to the show that keeps us going. Part of this moment really does belong to “You”.

As mentioned, we’re spending Christmas in Australia. It’s the first time in years that we’ve seen many of our family and friends, so it’s a special time for us.

We managed to shoot an episode a few days ago where we slow-cooked a whole rib fillet. The resulting pink, tender, succulent steaks are then quickly flame-grilled in true Aussie barbecue style before serving. It’s an unbeatable way to prepare and serve such a quality cut of meat.

All the compliments of the season to everyone! We’ll see you in ’07.

– Waz and Lenny

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20 Responses to “Perfect Steak … in Time for Christmas”

  • Another episode, a great Christmas present. Congratulations on your new honour.
    Maybe it’ll give me some credence when I mention watching your show) my friends have no idea about such matters, strange how with it computer people don’t know about podcasts. Anyway, enjoy your holidays.

  • Merry Christmas to you two. You’ve brightened things repeatedly which each new episode. Your transparency is delightful!

    Sean, Kaori, Tiras, & Javan Kelly – Harrisburg, PA USA

  • That is really excellent, being in Time magazine is great for you guys and all of us.

    Much like Kara friends, my parents still don’t understand what this web video podcast thing ( I create each week is all about. Nice to see your parents in the show, i’m trying to get my dad in one. Ho Ho, eric.

  • Your 15 minutes of fame has arrived! Just when I thought I was on the cutting edge! :-) Looking forward to viewing your new video, I just downloaded it into my ipod. Thanks so much, it is fun to watch you two.

    Here the future @!

    Scott & June Seitz – Hamburg MI, USA

  • congrats guy!!
    u desrerve e title ;))

    when i 1st crashed accidentally into crash test kitchen in nov 2005, i got addicted to every episode ever since… 😀

    really enjoy ur simplicity & try it all spirit. (like e bbq chicken)

    cutting up of e steak, even b4 it went for e grill, oredi made me drool…

    looking forward to ur new year’s recipe 😛

  • Was that Waz shushing his mother-in-law on camera? And was that Waz bitching at Lenny once again? Yikes. I hope we can expect a kinder & gentler Waz in the New Year.

  • Congratulations!

  • I shall drop my lurking status to tell you how happy and proud I am that your were noted in the Time Magazine copy. Your vidcast is so fun to watch. I had to share it with my hubby who thought it was funny but “doesn’t have the time to watch those silly things” (vidcasts). After watching this week’s episode I dashed into his room and grabbed his Time magazine and flipped it to your page. Shoved it in his face and said, “It isn’t silly when you get this kind of exposure”.
    Keep it up, you really make vidcasts worth watching.
    A 48 year old tech junky in Oregon.

  • I like this episode… I heard that it’s called “Steak au Pouave” or something… (pardon my poor french spelling). Is that Time magazine available in the USA?

    Also, let Lenny’s mom get a word in edgewise.

    Great steak-cast:P

  • I just found out about you guys thanks to that issue of Time. Subscribed to the podcast, downloaded the episodes, and now I’m hooked.

  • Ben,

    As far as we know the story is in the Person of the Year edition of Time everywhere around the world. Yippee!

    Waz and Lenny.

  • Congratulations! It was fun to show the article to co-workers. I felt really proud of you — and, funnily enough, sort of like a trendspotter. After all, I started enjoying your shows before you hit the “big time.” 😉

  • Congrats! That’s wonderful. Really enjoy your vids and recipes! Keep up the good work!

  • Rita from Illinois, USA

    Read the Time article. Peaked my interest….am TOTALLY hooked! Love you guys.

  • Thx for sharing your kitchen adventures;and that’s fantastic on Time’s feature. –Hope you guys derive as much fun from this as we do viewing you. Best wishes for ’07 … Jill in DC

  • Well, well, well. I open up a copy of our “good morning daily” and see an old pic of you two peering over your home brew in a head-to-head competition – and then I read about how you’ve gone and got yourselves all famous! Good on yuz! I’m telling everyone “I knew you when” and am now going to shamelessly namedrop as if we’re besties… And Wazza, I’ve never forgiven you for relentlessly pursuing my office chair… But it seems now that you’re Mr Coo-el, you can FINALLY afford your own! Good on you guys!

  • It’s unthinkable for you two to stop making episodes. Congratulations with your Time-article. Best wishes for 2007, and we are hoping for some interesting new episodes.
    By the way, I always use 80 degrees celsius with roastbeef and chickenlegs and others. I check the inside-temperature with a thermometer that’s in the roast all the cooking-time. Love the slow-cooking method.
    Love your podcasts.

  • i have been glued to your show ever since i saw the souflee episode on i-tunes. i wait all the time hoping that a new episode pops up in my library! congrats!!!

  • Congratulations Guys! You are fantastic. Love, love, just love your site.

  • Hi Guys

    Sure you know who this is from…will have to try your “steak style” on our “barbie in the Australian Bush”! It looked GREAT!
    Probably not as clean as Jim’s BBQ though.
    Great work.
    LMcG. Outback Australia.

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