We Did It All For The Gnocchi – Again

Click here to view the videoWe’ve decided to reprise a couple of our classic episodes – mostly for our iTunes audience, and others who find it easier to view our new MPEG4/QuickTime formats.

Here’s the first episode we posted, known amongst our small but dedicated fan base as “the one with the orange”.

Click here to VIEW THE VIDEO

What we put together here is home-made gnocchi with a very simple, classic pesto. Hope it gets your juices flowin’!

The gnocchi recipe came from here. Watch the vid for the pesto – it’s dead simple! When trying something new, Waz reckons it’s always good to choose a fairly simple version of the recipe.

– Waz and Lenny.

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6 Responses to “We Did It All For The Gnocchi – Again”

  • Hi guys! Just catching your vlog. It’s great to see a vlog with a specific theme!!! It;s vlogs like this that will get the viewers. I’m trying to keep a “green” theme to my vlog but I get a little side tracked. Dropping the orange was really funny, oops!

  • I love your video blog! I love you guys! I found it (just today) through the link on Lex Culinaria, because your name caught my eye. Keep up the good work – nice and simple, details but not too many, and so on.

  • I tried it straight off of your vlog. It worked! AND my boyfriend loved it (huge pesto fan), I let him work the food processor. I’ll have to try the fork-on-a-broomstick trick because I’ve got a wide range of things that have fallen just behind/between my fridge and stove. Thanks!

  • I thought your vlog was good. Very realistic and relative to regular folks like me who enjoy cooking! Keep it up.

  • Another good episode, you guys get it just right, I am just rubbish in the kitchen but can actually manage to copy your tips!

    Well done and keep it up

  • Hey guys!
    I love your videos!
    Its nice to see normal people cook and get great results as well.
    I think you guys are great!
    Thank you for the fun, delicious, and easy recipes.
    As they all say,
    KEEP IT UP! :)

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