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The leftover Christmas turkey was on its last legs, and sandwiches had long since lost their appeal … time for what Lenny calls a “flavour changer”.

Larb is a simple Laotian dish of spicy mince (usually pork or chicken) that is eaten with sticky rice, also known as glutinous rice. In Laos the rice comes in a little hopper-style basket made of bamboo and woven grass. The lime and chili flavours are heaven together, and ground rice powder adds a bit of crunch.

We whizzed up our turkey meat in a food processor. The problem here is that the turkey is pretty dry and lean, whereas larb is best made with fattier meat. To compensate we tipped in extra vegetable oil (DON’T use olive oil – the flavour’s too strong for south-east Asian cuisine).

Neither of us is a big fan of turkey, and for me the flavour of the meat doesn’t gel with Asian food – but in this case the chili, lime and fish sauce do quite a good job of masking it.

We’ll be converting some more Christmas leftovers in our next episode.

As you’ve probably noticed, the site presentation has changed a bit. We’re now offering a Flash video that you can play directly at our home page, as well as the usual MP4 and WMV files. There’s still a video file going out in the feed as well, and this will continue to play on things like iPods and Apple TV boxes.

– Waz
* Update, January 11: A workmate, Luke, has just pointed out that it the name of this dish is usually transmogrified into English as ‘laap’. Well I suppose he’d know, since he lives in Laos, the smarty-bum.

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10 Responses to “We larb turkey”

  • “Bet that turkey never thought it’d end up like this” 😀
    Good to see you again – I love the way you do your videos – Happy New Year!

  • Looks good! I have no leftover turkey, but I like the idea!

  • Hi there, I love your videos immensely. I’ve been watching them from the start but this is my first comment… They are always fun to watch and your recipes are usually terrific. I have no leftover turkey too. Have a good new year!

  • Hi there,

    Haven’t had access to high-speed internet for awhile (year), but I’m back watching your show via miro (miro.com). Everyone get miro for your net video viewing — really.

    I see you have improved a wee bit over the last years.

    Hint, get rid of the knives for chopping, cutting, etc. and get a Chinese cleaver — 10x easier, more efficient — slice a tomato thin or whack through bones. That and a pearing knife is all you really need. No harm in trying… give it a go.

    Later, from Canada.

  • Hey!

    Just a cooking tip in here:
    I never really tried this but, being that the round type of shallots are a cross between onions and garlic, I think you would be able to use half the amount of garlic and half the amount of red onions.

    Good video. (When I told my folks about this dish they thought I said “Turkey Lard”)

  • I’m so glad that you guys are back! I really enjoyed this video especially because I have never heard of larb. It’s always fun when you guys are making something that is new to me. Thanks.

    PS. I used the term “flavour changer” to my friends and they laughed it up. :)

  • Are you guys going to start showing out take funnies at the end of your videos now? Good idea!

    Cheers Brendan and Sherry from downunder Edmonton

  • Tip for sticky rice, don’t use tea towel. It’s even better off using a clean cutting board if you don’t have a bamboo or plastic tray.

  • I had a turkey stashed in the freezer and made lahp with it(turkey,salt,fish sauce,lime, rice powder, chicken boullion in place of msg, green onion, cilantro, bean sprouts.) I pan fry the minced meat with minced garlic and season. I crisped up the skin, pan fried the guts in the oil from the skin, broiled (with oyster sauce, smashed galangal/lemongrass/and garlic, salt, garlic powder, and white powder) the neck, wings, legs and drumsticks. And the leftover bones, I made a simple soup seasoned with fish sauce, salt, and boullion(I used chicken) and then threw in ( a lot of) slices of tomatoes and green onions until tender. Mmm! I eat it with both short grain sticky rice or regular jasmine steamed rice (I prefer the short grain rice “sushi rice”). I think I want to make more! The kids ate most of it. I made one super spicy and one mild. Mmmm!

  • And a tip for sticky rice, if you’re in a hurry, or forget to soak the rice, clean the sticky rice, soak in hot water(hot from the tap, not boiling), and stick a metal spoon in the middle. The rice should be ready to cook within 30 mins to an hr. (But take the spoon out before cooking 😀 ) And if you want the cooking process to go quicker, cover the basket with a lid/2 sheets of paper towels/or a dish cloth when cooking. (Some people don’t cover it. Aka my mother in law haha.) U can also make “yum” with the cooked turkey meat. Its a thai dish that’s basically a sour salad. Has lots of veggies and lots of lime juice! You can look up yum neua or yum talay for a basic recipe. Just replace meat with turkey.

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