We’re on a (cabbage) roll

Click here to view the videoWe never thought we’d draw culinary inspiration from a place called Vegreville. But that’s just what happened when we dropped into this prairie town on the first leg of our Crash Test Kitchen “Canadian Safari.”

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Vegreville, like much of Alberta, has a substantial Ukrainian population, and the town’s giant “pysanka” (Easter egg) is apparently the world’s largest. No, we didn’t make Easter eggs – we whipped up a version of a staple item that you’d probably find among the leftovers in any Ukrainian refrigerator.

Certainly, at any gathering you attend in Alberta that involves communal eating, you’ll likely be offered cabbage rolls – yummy bundles of rice and meat wrapped up in cabbage leaf. Being on the road, we decided to make the “lazy man’s” version. You’ll have to watch the vid to find out how it works, but the recipe is really easy.

Accompanying this dish are pre-made “perogies” – little Ukrainian dumplings that will usually be sitting right beside the cabbage rolls in the bain-marie. And some Ukrainian garlic sausage, just to put your breath right off the scale!

This is our first episode taped and edited entirely using our mobile Crash Test Kitchen, otherwise known as Gus the Bus. And the cooking was done under pretty trying circumstances – Lenny was almost carried away by the mosquitoes that were blanketing Lake Winnipeg.

But we got through it, and more culinary adventures await. So keep watching!

– Waz.

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13 Responses to “We’re on a (cabbage) roll”

  • Well done, kids. Great to see the culinary fun continues al fresco and on the road. Very bohemian. 😉 Good luck on the rest of your journey!

  • Excellent! You guys are hilarious, cooking by flashlight. Such an elaborate meal for on-the-road. Looks great!

  • Looks Great!! I love watching your cooking adventures.

  • Hey Guys. Great job on the ROLL . Laughed alot about the “just a little bit crunchy” rice. Have some more great days travelling.

  • Hi,
    I’m amazed at all the work you go through on the road to cook up a meal. We always go out to eat and stay at hotels.

    I featured you in this week’s episode of Vlog Soup, check it out at:



  • I loved this! The egg, the cooking in the dark, the balance of humor and seriousness, the hair. Totally satisfying. And it made me hungry!

  • You are rocks guys! I’m going to send your vlog’s address to my Ukrainain friends. Such video! Yes, cabbage rolls is popular Ukrainian food (holoubtsy in Ukrainian). I like it. Thanx!

  • I enjoyed your show. I am not Ukrainian, but I have enjoyed many cabbage rolls across the years. You should first of all know the mispronouncition of the easter egg.
    Piss On Cu(t) [ not pie ] is a poor guide to saying Pysanka Pi(ll) Sawn Cu(t) might be more politically correct, but you’ll remember the first more likely.

    When you do ‘lazy’ cabbage rolls, you would possibly get more flavor in using full cabbage leafs you’ve ripped yourself, rather than a bag of shredded (and left to air commercially in a pre purchased bag).

    The covering issue is best served by doing both. Cover to start and (possibly) broil in an oven at the end, using diluted tomato sauce throughout and undiluted on top, just at the end, so it will carmelize.

    You could even personalize the ending (not at all ukrainian legacy here), by grated your favorite orange cheese. [ OLD cheddar, asiago, etc] If you alternatively obtain sour cabbage and roll in either small bite size or full fisted size, you’ll decidely enjoy the eating more. {IMPO}

    I will stop here by not even talking about the perogies, which is not atall a bad tadition to buy, rather than make, but if you approach most any real ukrainian, they will tell you who (in their community) makes them for weddings ( by the MANY dozen) and you would do better to use theirs’.

    I share this with you in the spirit which you shared your experience. I enjoyed your podcast and will look at more in the future.

    I am (personally) offended that you skpped over Saskatchewan in your trip. I am sure that if you make the trip back this way again, you should contact someone here and be brought up to speed about how many many many many many wonderful things (restaurants, food oppertunities, cultural events and marvelous landscape) is hidden just around most every corner. If you do ask, I would either be happy to show you many myself, and/or put you in touch with a full summer’s worth of exposure.

    Otherwise, keep having fun and stay well and thanks again for doing the project.


  • As an avid camper (both traditional and backwoods), I am really looking forward to trying this out as a change from the typical camping foods one generally makes while on the road. When it gets warmer anyway. Too bad I didn’t see this prior to my “ice cave” experience just recently as that would have really warmed things up.

  • I reallllllly enjoy your video podcasts!!! keep up the good work!

  • We sure enjoyed your Blair Witch Cooking show, especially dinner with the petzel lights on. Love your sense of adventure. KEep on truckin!!

  • I really enjoy watching ur show

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