Where did they go?

Click here to view the videoSo you’ve been wondering where we got to? Well, we’re on the move again, jetting out to parts unknown.

Canada has been good to us, and our Crash Test Kitchen Canadian Safari has been a fantastic adventure. But you know that endy stuff they say about good things.

Click here to VIEW THE VIDEO

We bid a sad farewell to our good friend Gus the Bus, our mobile Crash Test Kitchen, in Toronto. We managed to get a good price from a builder and Gus is now settling into life as a working-class van.

As for us, we’ve recovered from our jet lag and right now we’re settling into new digs in a different corner of the world. Watch the video carefully and you just might be able to figure out where.

The good news: Our new kitchen is GREAT! And fresh ingredients are so much cheaper and so much easier to get here than in Edmonton (which, by the way, is the northernmost large city in North America, so it’s no wonder produce doesn’t arrive in the best condition).

Once we get ourselves established we’ll be firing up the video camera (there’s another thing: electricity here is 220-240 volts, so it means finding a new battery charger) and continuing our routine of Crash Test cookery.

O Canada, we’ll miss your prairies, your pine trees, your Rocky Mountains and the skiing injuries we sustained there. And we’ll miss all the great mates we made. But you’ll always be in our hearts as the place Crash Test Kitchen was born.

The adventure continues!

– Waz.

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