Whole lotta rosemary chicken

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Here’s how it works. Lenny does the shopping, I do the cooking. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work – it depends on our work schedules, and I have to admit that Lenny probably does more than her fair share.

A couple of weeks ago she left me vague instructions for some sort of chicken dish. Well, she probably gave me quite good instructions, but I’m in the habit of fobbing her off with a “Yeah yeah yeah I’ll take care of it” and then instantly purging my memory.

So there I was with some chicken pieces and a vague recollection of rosemary, garlic and olive oil being mentioned.

I started by ripping the skin off. Having assumed I should be seasoning or marinating the pieces in some way, I thought the fatty skin might serve as a barrier to the flavour finding its way into the flesh.

Then came the issue of flavour. I decided to keep it simple, just rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. A side-dish of potatoes, I decided, and Lenny had mentioned she would do something with mozarella when she got home.

My main problem when it came to reproducing all this for Crash Test Kitchen was remembering exactly what I had done. Thankfully, Lenny had been there to eat the results the first time round and was able to give me a bit of a prod at the right moments.

We really like the potatoes that we did with this, by the way. I’m heavily into par-boiling when it comes to roasted or sauted root vegetables.

I’m writing this blog post really quickly because I’m on my lunch break at work – so sorry if it seems disjointed.

In fact it’s time for me to punch back in.

– Waz.

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15 Responses to “Whole lotta rosemary chicken”

  • It really looks good.

    by Alyssa

  • A classic meal and it looked great, though I prefer my chicken skin-on. I make potatoes that way often and agree that they’re nice and creamy inside. Have you tried adding fresh rosemary, salt and pepper to the potatoes while they sauté? It’s heavenly.

  • LOL! old school CTK – great! the bickering was just perfect, nothing prepared, not even a recipe and a potato thrown on the floor due to unenthusiastic tossing. i reckon you should have put that back in the pan or have eaten it straight away. look, it was just on the floor, it’s not like it was in the bin…

    enough with the jokes, already. it looked really nice, very simple, very lovely. the name of your salad would be “insalata caprese” – salad in the style of capri. traditionally eaten as a starter, but who gives a *pause* toss. can’t cook this myself, having no grill.


  • Hi there. I just surfed in off the Guardian’s website and what an eye-opener! I think you are very brave to post this without any editing, but I wonder if you overdid the rosemary on the chicken, as too much makes everything it touches taste like soap. I would never have attempted the mozzarella salad without a properly ripe tomato, either, as I think life’s just too short,(but then I am as old as the hills). What did you have for pudding? Something lemony would be nice. Best of luck for the future.

  • That was LOL funny, you guys are great! and the recipe too, I’ve always been a fan of some form of rosemary chicken. You often see rosemary chicken served with a slice of lemon or include lemon juice in the seasoning, once I was out of lemon but had oranges instead, and a sweet orange just brought the caramelization to a whole new level in the roast chicken, but I think grilling might be even better.

  • Keep up the episodes! They are awsome!

  • Just wondering…if the little bit of shaved breadboard added anything to the flavour of the chicken??!!

    Jokes aside, it did look juicy and rather yummy! and the whole meal was beautifully presented.

    A good tip Waz, about par-boiling root vegetables. They always seem to have a better flavour and texture when done that way.

    Cheers…and keep the blogs coming.

  • Oh my Goodness. Just had a bickering sesson with the hubby just moments before I watched this episode. You make me laugh at myself.
    The food made me hungry. . .and the bickering makes me feel guilty. . .think I need to go and apologize to hubby. . .and make dinner tonight. Rosemary Chicken is on the menu.
    Thank you both for making your videos. Keep it up.

  • From a fan in Cleveland, Ohio!!! I love you guys!! The dish looked wonderful and I loved the idea of scoring the chicken. I think the grilling really must have brought out the flavors as opposed to baking since the marinating time was about 30 minutes or so.

    I make my potatoes like that often but I add rosemary as well. I’m going to add a blog about you on my website!!! I can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Waz, the timing was out, innit!

  • I have the ultimate Rosemary Chicken recipe.
    Set oven 350 degrees. (60 min)
    1 glass baking dish with small rack to hold chicken above fluid.
    (You can add carrots, potatoes and onions to this dish.)
    1 young roaster (skin on)
    baste with a cheap bottle of champagne by pouring champagne inside the cavity and out. (Keeping the excess in the cooking dish & use the whole bottle of champagne)
    Rub chicken with olive oil,
    Sprinkle with Lawry’s Season Salt, Place a long sprig of Rosemary inside both the cavities, also a long sprig in the joint of the legs and wings.(Good presentation as well as flavoring)

    Bake uncovered fo about 30 min.
    When the skin is turning golden, baste the chicken with the champagne drippings.
    Bake for another 15 min. basting 1-2 times again. Then cover the dish with aluminum foil to seal in the moisture. Bake another 15 min with foil tightly sealed around dish.
    When your man enters the front door his nose will guide him into the kitchen and into your arms!!

  • I also loved the episode, it seemed more realistic and back to basics than some of the previous episodes, (which I did really like, but I was worried that it might end up getting eventually to be pretentious). That aside, and maybe not the best time for this (as you could have taken my previous comment poorly), but I would often sit down to my computer to watch an episode of crash test kitchen when I was eating my lunch or just had a little bit of time to kill. However, my computer stopped working and I had to get a new one. I can’t transfer anything because the old one won’t turn on, I was wondering if there was anyway to download the older episodes that I’ve lost? Thanks, and keep it up.

  • Excellent stuff guys, loving the banter!

    This podcast may finally be the kick in the arse i’ve needed to get me more into my cooking, which is long overdue. Well, i’m only 24, but the student days are now over…

  • This would be my favorite episode because of all the bickering back and forth you two do. I love it. haha. Great recipe. :-)

  • I love you guys! You remind me of my husband and I. I was looking up a recipe for rosemary chicken and stumbled across this video. The best part was the joke about the mid-week wine glasses, haha. Gotta love the midweek glass of wine! This dish looked delicious and it was something my husband and I would love. You made me want to cook with my husband more often!


    Michelle Cerbone from Woodbridge New Jersey, USA

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